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What is Trick's Picks?

Anyone who has been in the middle of one of Rick's pick shower storms knows the sheer energy of Cheap Trick's live performance. This site, dedicated to the band and its fans, attempts to invoke some warm memories for both. My aim is to archive and catalog the entire history of guitar picks and drumsticks used by the band throughout it's glorious career, now in its fourth decade!



Is Trick's Picks official?

No, the site is not official. I am doing this completely on my own out of my own love for the band and pick collecting.



Why is Trick's Picks not referenced on the band's official website?

I did offer at one time, but the band's website declined at that time. We never know what the future will bring. Maybe someday it will?



How do you obtain your picks?

I am doing this completely on my own without band participation, so like everyone else, I have to scramble at concerts, trade with other collectors and/or purchase on eBay. Occasionally I also receive donations from fellow fans who find the site helpful and enjoyable. Many, many thanks to those who have already donated and contributed! You know who you are.



I'm looking for a specific pick for my collection. Can you help me?

Probably not. This is a non-profit, fan-based site done on my own time and at my own expense. I do not have any personal connections to anyone in Cheap Trick or who might work for Cheap Trick, so I do not have an endless supply of picks lying around. However, I do on occasion come across an extra here and there. I am interested in obtaining items I do not yet have myself which are outlined in red throughout the site. If you or someone you know have them to offer, I will gladly entertain trading opportunities for picks I do not yet have. So if I have one you need and you have one I need, perhaps we can work something out?



Can I just buy it off you?

No! I absolutely do not sell picks under any circumstances. So please do not even ask. This is a hobby for me, not a business, and I aim to keep it that way.



I have a particular pick that I do not see on your site. Is it real?

Maybe. This site is done on a "best efforts" basis. Because I am doing this completely on my own without band participation, it is nearly impossible to keep pace with the all the newest guitar picks and drumsticks and/or find items from years or decades past. Just because I may not yet have it, does not mean it does not exist or is not real.



Can you tell me how much my pick is worth?

No. I do not have enough information to determine the rarity of a particular, nor am I an appraiser qualified to evaluate the authenticity or condition of your particular pick. I should also point out that monetary worth only has meaning if the pick is actually for sale, otherwise it is "priceless".



I see you have a particular pick listed, but there is no photo of it. What does it look like?

If you don't see it, I don't have it, so obviously I cannot show it to you. But if a description is listed, I have either seen a photo of it or verified the information through my various sources.



Would you like me to send you a photo of mine?

Feel free. Photos are always extremely helpful and instrumental to my research.



I sent you a photo of mine, but I do not see it published?

There are two possible reasons. One, in order to maintain a consistent quality of presentation, I prefer to collect the items themselves and make my own photos. This ensures common backgrounds, resolution and sizing.  It also eliminates the need to design photo credits into the mix, which I personally find distracting.


Secondly, the sad reality is what was once a fairly private and unknown hobby has now been corrupted by greed. I have been burned too many times by people who send me images of picks I do not have in attempt to legitimize their pick so they can run off to eBay with their extras. Some people inaccurately assume that just because I do not have a particular pick, it has to be rare. This not necessarily true. It simply means I have not acquired one yet personally.


I love what you're doing. How can I contribute?

Donations of items and/or information for the collections are always welcome! The best way to get in touch is to email me and we can work out the particulars from there. I do my best to update the site within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of any new items. A HUGE "thank you" to those who have already donated and contributed!!


















Thanks for visiting my site!


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